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Practical Philosophy

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Volume 6, Issue 2

Autumn 2003

Frontiers of Philosophy in Practice


Philosophical Lecturing as Philosophical Practice
Esa Saarinen & Sebastian Slotte 7
Adult Education, Social Exclusion and Civics: The Pre-Access Project and Community Well-Being
Robert Hamilton & Keith Hammond 24
A Preliminary Study of Stoic Philosophy as Psychotherapy
Don Woollen Jr 31
Towards Wide Decision-Making 4: A Case-Study
David Arnaud & Time LeBon 43
Participatory Technology Assessment of Xenotransplantation: Experimpenting with the Neo-Socratic Dialogue
Erich Griessler & Beate Littig 56
Philosophising Outdoors
Frits Schipper 68
Islamic Philosophy
Trevor Curnow 77