Society for Philosophy in Practice

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Practical Philosophy

The British Journal of Philosophical Practice

Past editions of the journal are listed below. Click on the volume reference for a list of articles in each issue.

Volume Special theme
10.1 (July 2010) The Boundaries of Philosophy in Practice
9.2 (June 2008) Philosophical Practice - Us and Others
9.1 (January 2008) Applying Philosophy in Life
8.2 (Autumn 2007) Philosophy as a Way of Life
8.1 (Summer 2006)  
7.2 (Autumn 2005) Practical Philosophers: Philosophers in Use
7.1 (Autumn 2004)  
6:2 (Autumn 2003) Frontiers of Philosophy in Practice
6:1 (Spring 2003) Case Studies
5:2 (Autumn 2002)  
5:1 (Spring 2002) The Examined Life
4:3 (November 2001)  
4:2 (July 2001) The Benefits of Philosophy in Practice
4:1 (March 2001) Directions of Philosophical Counselling
3:3 (November 2000) Reason and the Emotions
3:2 (July 2000)  
3:1 (March 2000) Wisdom
2:3 (November 1999)  
2:2 (July 1999) Socrates
2:1 (March 1999) The Value and Use of Philosophy
1:3 (December 1998)  
1:2 (September 1998) [not available]
1:1 (June 1998)  

Accessing the articles

The journal archive is now open access and subscription-free. It contains authoritative peer-reviewed articles on philosophical practice from leading practitioners, along with insightful expositions of ancient and contemporary philosophical thought.

All files are in pdf format only. You are welcome to link to the articles from your own websites, or download them for personal use.

Citing from the archive

Some issues have been re-edited and repaginated for web access. The original article citation is noted at the end of each article.

You should normally cite the web edition, as other readers are unlikely to have access to the original printed version.

To cite the web editions, please consult the citation guide for your chosen reference style. It is conventional to cite the URL and the access date. (It may be sufficient to cite the base URL rather than the article full URL, which may be subject to change.)

The web editions may be modified, repaginated or removed without notification.

You may offer a copy of any article for access on your own bibliographic resource, provided you do not charge for access. Each article is marked with a copyright and the Practical Philosophy URL, so that readers can visit the journal website to verify authenticity.


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