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Practical Philosophy

The British Journal of Philosophical Practice

The journal is now open access and subscription-free. The archive contains authoritative articles on philosophical practice from leading practitioners, and useful analyses of philosophical thinkers. You are welcome to link to the articles from your own websites, or download them for personal use.

Front cover of Practical Philosophy

Articles by many of the world's leading philosophical practitioners cover a wide variety of topics relevant to counselling, management, education, and philosophical studies. The writing is aimed mainly at philosophers, counsellors, and cultural analysts, but is also accessible to other intellectuals who wish to broaden their outlook on life. A Book Reviews section keeps readers up to date with contemporary publications with detailed reviews by authoritative writers; a Forum section facilitates the exchange of ideas and observations.

Some notable articles include:

  • Ran Lahav, "Philosophical Counselling as a quest for wisdom" (2001, 4:1, 6-18)
  • Windy Dryden, "The examined life: a rational emotive behavioural perspective" (2002, 5:1, 28-32)
  • Lydia Amir, "The affective aspects of wisdom" (2004, 7:1, 14-25)
  • Pierre Grimes, "Plato's Republic and philosophical midwifery" (2007, 8:2, 36-39).

The central issue 6:1 Case Studies (2003) remains a primary resource for philosophical practitioners and includes practical reports from: Vaughana Feary, Elliot Cohen, Lydia Amir, Lou Marinoff, Geoffrey Klempner, and Barbara Stecker. Other principal contributors include Tim LeBon, Joseph Sen, Jesse Fleming, Windy Dryden and Stan Van Hooft. The new Reflections section offers perspectives from philosophical practitioners worldwide, including Ran Lahav, Elliot Cohen, Peter Raabe, Tim LeBon, Gerald Rochelle, and Monica Cavalle.

For further discussion about the journal, please contact the Chair, Dr Sam Brown.