Society for Philosophy in Practice

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SPP Publications

The Practical Philosophy Press (PPP) publishes the society's journal Practical Philosophy twice a year, the less-formal SPP newsletter SPP-mag, and books relevant to practical philosophy.

Practical Philosophy

Published twice a year, the journal Practical Philosophy is dedicated to providing a forum for writing about all aspects of philosophy in practice.

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The current edition and the entire back-catalogue are available online free of charge.


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SPP-mag is the newsletter of the Society for Philosophy in Practice. It is emailed to members twice a year. It is informal, containing briefer items than the journal Practical Philosophy such as interviews with practical philosophers and short articles. It aims to keep members in touch with events and news in the world of philosophy in practice.

To access SPP-mag online, please login (creating a username and password if you have not already done so). User registrations for the SPP website are free and do not involve any form of commitment.


The Society, under its arm the Practical Philosophy Press, has published a book related to philosophy in practice.



Thinking Through Dialogue:
Essays on Philosophy in Practice
Edited with an Introduction by Trevor Curnow
(Practical Philosophy Press, 2001)

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