Society for Philosophy in Practice

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Requirements for Registration

If you wish to find further practitioners who have satisfied the requirements, to find out if you are eligible for inclusion, or find out more about the register please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

1) Philosophical Consultancy

  • a) A philosophy degree (e.g. a first degree with 50% or more of philosophy or an M.A. exclusively in Philosophy).

  • b) Satisfactory completion of both the practical and theoretical elements of a level one course in philosophical consultancy (these are periodically organised by the SPP).

  • c) Attendance to minimum 20 hours counselling or helping skills course.

  • d) Minimum of 10 hours experience of being counselled, at least 5 of which should be with a philosophical consultant.

  • e) Supervisor's assessment, based on at least 10 supervised sessions of philosophical consultancy, that the philosophical consultant is of a sufficient standard to be on the register. The supervisor must be a philosophical practitioner. The supervisor should be SPP accredited, or overseas equivalent, or approved by the SPP. There should be a minimum of three meetings with the supervisor of 50 minutes. If face to face is impossible to arrange the supervision can be by email but must include one phone supervision.

  • f) Professional liability insurance. In the UK, contact:
      Towergate SMG Professional Risks
      31 Clarendon Rd
      LS2 9PA
      Tel: 0113 294 4000).

  • g) Agreement to abide by the SPP Code of Practice.

  • h) On-going supervision, preferably by a philosophical consultant.

  • i) Membership of the Society for Philosophy in Practice.

2) Philosophy With Children

Information, classes and training are available from The Philosophy Shop or the Sapere organisation.