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Philosophy for All

Philosophy for All

Philosophy For All (PFA) is a London-based association of people interested in philosophy. It was founded in 1998. It aims to bridge the gap between professional and amateur philosophers, by holding talks, lectures and debates. Many of its events are held in pubs; and others in adult education colleges.

Its aims are to encourage philosophical debate between professional and non-professional philosophers in a non-technical way; to provide a forum for an active exchange of ideas and information; to give guidance and information concerning courses as well as relevant literature in philosophy; to inspire those interested in philosophy to develop their interest further.

The monthly Kant's Cave talks, which are often given by notable academics, regularly draw 70 or so people to a room above a pub in Euston.

During the early years of the new millennium it organised a series of Round Table debates in which four leading philosophers and an audience of around 150 people would debate issues such as the relationship between science and philosophy.

The PFA Public Lectures are a series of lectures held every six months or so in which a well-known thinker gives a lecture and then holds a lengthy discussion session with the audience. The lectures give members of the public the opportunity to question and discuss with internationally-known philosophers who have included as Simon Blackburn, Antony Flew, Piers Benn, Jonathan Glover, Anthony Grayling, Ted Honderich, Moshe Machover, Nicholas Maxwell, Mary Margaret McCabe, Mary Midgley, David Papineau, Janet Radcliffe Richards, Barry C. Smith, Jo Wolff, Raymond Tallis, and Colin Wilson.

Other regular monthly Philosophy For All events include a philosophy film club, a feminist philosophy forum and regular Philosophical Walks in the countryside around London.

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