Society for Philosophy in Practice

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To promote the development, effective practice and recognition of the value of philosophical practice by:

  • Developing a body of knowledge of philosophical practice
  • Disseminating it through publications, meetings, training events, etc.
  • Ensuring that philosophical practitioners abide by the highest professional, technical and ethical standards
  • Improving work opportunities for philosophical practitioners
  • Providing guidance, information and support to help potential clients find, select and make best use of philosophers in practice
  • Maintaining links with similar societies around the world
  • Providing the means by which those with some experience of philosophy can pursue their interest in the activity

Spheres of activity:

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Organisations

Typical Applications:

  • Philosophical Consultancy
  • Dialogue, including Socratic Dialogue
  • Guided Inquiry, including Philosophy with Children
  • Decision-making
  • Business Ethics
  • Philosophical interventions in organisations
  • Philosophical Counselling


  • Develop a body of knowledge of philosophy in practice through:

    • Empirical research
    • Practical case studies
    • Development of Theory
  • Disseminate Knowledge and Competences through:

    • Training
    • Conferences and workshops
    • Publications
    • Interest groups: Web-based discussions and face-to-face meetings
    • Retailing of appropriate resources
  • Provide Guidance and Information for potential clients through:

    • Ensuring professional standards
    • Certification of Philosophical Practitioners
    • Providing a Register of Certified Philosophical Practitioners
    • Continuing professional development of Philosophical Practitioners
    • Providing a Code of conduct for Philosophical Practitioners
    • Providing a Disciplinary procedure
  • Provide a forum for those with experience of philosophy to pursue their interest in a practical context